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Ziwei FAN

M.Phil. Student

(852) 3917-5909

Ms. Ziwei Fan, M. Phil student and senior research assistant to Professor David A. Palmer, has deep expertise at the intersection between finance, environmental science, and Daoist principles. She has held leadership roles in Beijing and Hong Kong's public and private sectors, leading vital financial initiatives and fostering strategic alliances. Ziwei was instrumental in strategic capital planning at a major Chinese investment bank and developed a risk management team at China's largest state-owned financial media group, playing a key role in M&A and IPO processes. She provided ESG and climate change-related solutions to Chinese state-owned companies listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Beijing). Ziwei currently holds a senior advisory position for the World Daoism Federation (WDF), and is building relationships for the WDF with UN-related organizations such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF), UNEP and UNDP. She is also researching the application of Daoist principles to climate investment and ESG. Ziwei obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at Bristol, a Master's degree in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, and three significant financial certifications in mainland China. She is currently completing her M. Phil on the anthropology of Daoism and the environment, and is the lead author of an original work on green finance and Chinese ESG along the Belt Road, which will be included in the SAGE Handbook on the Chinese Environment (2025).


Currently, she researches on Daoist climate investment principles, Daoist ESG principles, and Daoist astronomy and ecology. As a scholar practitioner, she also cultivates Daoist esoteric practice on stars, thunder and ecological rites in accordance with her lay lineage of Mount Qingcheng female Daoists.

Ziwei FAN
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